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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is LeadOrchid? 

LeadOrchid is a digital marketing company specializing in generating new customers for its clients.  We are lead generation experts.


What exactly does LeadOrchid do?

LeadOrchid helps you get new customers.  We analyze your business and the online advertising strategies of your top performing competitors.  Then, we develop and execute online advertising strategies proven to generate prospects looking for services like yours.


How is what you do different from SEO or search engine optimization?

SEO is about ‘gaming’ Google and other search engines to list your business at the top of their search rankings.  Outsmarting Google is hard to do and it doesn’t last long!  You’re at the top today and BAM, gone tomorrow from the search engine rankings.

At LeadOrchid, we play by the rules and we’re good at it.  We utilize paid search techniques that put your message in front of the right prospects at the right time.  Pre-qualified prospects are drawn to your website, sign-up form or even to your phone!  Our proven lead generation strategies help you grow your business.


Do you do social medial marketing?

Our focus is exclusively on paid digital channels. This can include Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or any other channel on social platforms. With any paid digital channel, we evaluate the lead quality to ensure your advertising investment is worthwhile, so it is likely we will test some or all of these channels to determine the value in your area.

In the past, social channel promotions have proven to be a great way to target specific groups of ideal candidates for less money than traditional search-based ad spend.


How long does it take to start getting new leads?

Lead generation campaigns can start to work in as little as a week.  However, our strategic marketing plans involve planning, execution, measuring effectiveness and recalibrating—continuously!   Most customers will find that their campaigns start to produce predictable, consistent results after 90 days. From there, we work to optimize your campaigns to drive more leads per dollar invested.


As a LeadOrchid customer, what do I get? 

Ultimately, you get new customers! Let’s answer what you get along the way.

When you become a LeadOrchid client, your Account Executive will schedule a call with you to understand your business goals, products and services.  We’ll develop a lead generation strategy that fits your goals and your budget.  The plan will be presented back to you within one week.  Then the campaigns begin.  We’ll set up your ad strategies and ensure that they are working.  We will set up our monitoring and reporting tools to watch the results from day one.  At two weeks, we’ll have an “Activated Account” call to go over what is happening.  At this point, you’ll see how and where your campaigns are running and the online advertising we’re using on your behalf.

Our team will regularly monitor your results through our dashboards and analytics tools.  Twice monthly we’ll send you reports showing how your online advertising is performing.  You can email questions or fill out a contact form at any time.  We’ll have a monthly call scheduled to review your results in detail.

Through our reports and conversations, you will know exactly what we are doing and what’s working to generate new leads.


Does LeadOrchid qualify my leads?

Effective online marketing “pre-qualifies” leads by making sure that only those individuals who are seriously interested in your product or service are captured as leads.  We can further qualify leads through information collected on the “landing pages” which is where prospects go when they click one of your ads.

Once a lead has filled out a contact form or reached out to you, it is very important for your team to follow-up quickly!  You have a hot lead and now it’s time to turn them into a customer.


How much does all this cost?

Call us to speak to a LeadOrchid Account Executive about your specific needs because the costs to compete in online marketing vary considerably by industry and geographical territory.

For example, a tradesman in Glendale, Arizona might do well with a $3,000 / month budget.  A plastic surgeon in Manhattan, NY, might struggle with less than $10,000 / month.  Whatever your budget, we’ll help you determine the best strategy, focus and budget to get great results and a return on your investment.

Call us today to get an idea of a realistic budget for your industry and your location (or locations).


Which customers are most successful with online lead generation?

There are three things that will help you be successful with online lead generation.

  1. Your lead generation digital marketing should be managed by experts. Whether that’s us, someone you hire or a full-service agency is up to you.  Just don’t leave this to anyone less than 100% qualified.
  2. Invest in building your business for the long term. Lead generation is about helping you grow your business.  When we help you grow it, we’ll help you grow it some more!  If you’re just looking to do this for the short term, digital marketing might not be for you.  It takes time and it requires continuous effort and fine-tuning.  Done that way, it produces continuous results!
  3. Remember that you have a role in this too– Selling. Digital marketing can bring the leads to you.  What you do next will have a huge impact!  Think about your own online habits.  If you’re looking for service and you find a website, fill out a form or place a call and there is no response, what do you do?  You keep looking!  That’s what your prospects do too.  So, we’ll work with you to create a seamless program for converting your leads into new customers just as soon as they show interest in your company.


Does LeadOrchid build websites or maintain my website?

Since LeadOrchid is exclusively focused on lead generation for paid digital channels, we only build “landing pages” where prospects arrive after clicking one of your online advertisements.  These pages are maintained separate from your website and these pages (and only these pages) are managed by our team.

Except as described above, we do not build or manage our client’s websites.


How many leads will I get in the first month?  Three months?  Six months?

That’s a big question.  While it’s the right question, it’s impossible to answer with any credibility until we know more about your business, your location and your budget.  Call us today and let’s talk through the details.

After some initial research, we’ll be able to understand what services like yours are spending to generate leads and the volume of traffic they are generating.  In the end, your goal and ours will be to hone campaigns that generate revenue for your business far in excess of your cost of digital marketing.


Does LeadOrchid require long term contracts?

No, we do not.  We ask for a three-month minimum.  You should set a budget that you are comfortable with and have expectations of three months of working together to start to see good results.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get results sooner, but at three months you should see month over month improvement toward your goals.  However, we do not have any long-term contracts.  As a LeadOrchid customer, we’ll want you to stay with us for one reason only–because we are helping you to grow your business!

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