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Lead Orchid is ready to get you more leads by optimizing your digital marketing strategies. Let your marketing be our focus so you can get back to growing your practice and servicing clients.

Our team has a wealth of experience. These are some high-level numbers from what members of our team were able to accomplish last year.

$7M+ Managed Spend

Over $7 Million in total managed budget across multiple channels.

Increased Conversions, Reduced Costs

400% increase in Conversions on Google Ads reduced cost per conversion by 73%

Results on Multiple Channels

268% Increase in Conversions on Facebook and 26% reduction in costs.

Our Process


We evaluate your marketing channels and develop a plan.


We get to work making ads and landing pages.


Thorough analysis and testing takes place for improvement over time.


You receive a custom deliverable report with your results!

Struggling to Get to Page One?

Paid Digital Marketing is Your Solution

Organic search results and SEO have been the hot method for finding leads “for free” for a long time, but we have some news for you: your SEO efforts might be not be working like you think. Any high volume search on Google, Yelp, or Bing is highly competitive, but who is your biggest competition for the coveted top search result real estate?

If you guessed a paid ad, you would be right – and you could be that search result. While organic search results show up a couple of full screen views below the top of the page, you can invest your ad spend in highly targeted search results in order to ensure you are at the top of search whenever your valuable potential clients are trying to find you.

At Lead Orchid, we focus exclusively on paid marketing channels to ensure you get the best return on your ad spend. Using our proprietary industry knowledge and implementation strategies, the Lead Orchid team will work to give you key insights into what marketing mix works best for your business. We will optimize your ad spend across multiple channels, and of course will also go to work on optimizing your landing pages to maximize your conversion rates.

In short: Lead Orchid takes a numbers and data driven approach to marketing strategy to get you more clients faster and for less.

About the Founder

James DeLapa III

San Diego, CA

James has spent years making the internet a better place. While getting his start in web development for an affiliate company with cutting edge SEO techniques, he was able to learn about many of the best practices of web development for conversion. He has been running a successful web development and SEO business for the past two years. He has worked with companies of all sizes, from aspiring start ups to publicly traded enterprises.

Last year James noticed that for competitive local services, the first organic search results were one or even two full screens below all the paid results – not just on Google, but on Yelp too! Further, Facebook and Instagram algorithms were shifting to favor a “pay to play’ model. So here we are at Lead Orchid! An exciting digital marketing enterprise that puts paid digital marketing efforts at the forefront with a focus on efficient conversions and more leads to your practices.

Outside of work you will most likely find James out hiking or playing with his dogs, Ace and Ella.

Kyle Gosselin

San Diego, CA

For the past 14 years Kyle has provided a variety of companies and agencies ROI-focused, data driven, integrated digital marketing services. His reverse engineered approach has helped some of the largest digital marketing agencies in the United States utilize strategies that get great results.

When not optimizing digital marketing campaigns, you can find Kyle hanging out with family and playing with his kids. 

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